Friday, October 29, 2010

Letting people do what people do

Living life, waiting for fall, planning the holiday gift purchases. Don't give many Christmas gifts these days. Nobody has buckets of money any more and not so many kids to do for. Never been a giant fan of buying things "just because" anyway, although that comes off as pretty bah-humbug if you say it out loud. A better idea would be a beer and a barbeque, followed by dragging the big screen outside so we can both a) sit around the fire pit digesting burgers and hot links, and b) watch the football game. (Note to self: If this were a real plan of action I should better also drag out couches and easy chairs.) But that's just me. Oh, and just so we're clear, there would be a fire in the fire pit I mentioned earlier. I figured that was understood.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, although I'm more a wordsmith than photographer. Still, my pictures are worth a good 650 - 750 words each. If I augment them with captions, I figure we break somewhere near the standard 1k threshold. There are pictures both this post and last post. Some are not so good, but others are simply Mahvelous!, in the alternate reality, best case mediocre way in which I use the word.

I think I have not posted a picture of self since I lost me some weight. Will rectify that here (Rectum? Dang near killed 'im! Hahahaha). Had a big mirror and a digital camera. Was sitting there wondering, "what to do....what to do...", when it hit me. Heck, why didn't I think of it before? I can take a walk down to Crystal City. But first, let me take a mirror shot or two. And yes, the hair was my idea. I had me some mousse, I had me a black stripey shirt, and I had me some gold chains and such. Haven't done my Jesrey Shore look in, well, ever. Yep that's me. Since "The Situation" was already taken as an awesomely cool, Guido-fabulous if you will, self-imposed nickname, I will call myself "Compromising Position". Almost as catchy, slightly less chick magnet. But it goes nicely with my pony keg abs.

I would love to comiserate with some of you about the local races here and our bizarre political culture. But unless you live with the obvious lying, blatant stealing, and the tortured logic eminating from everybody in Talahassee, from the interns to the Court of Appeals (yes, even our judiciary is proudly on the take) that is presented, all straight faced and serious, to justify abberant behavior, you would never believe the stories. Here in the Sunshine State it's true, you can't make this stuff up! We are mostly mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. We want change and want it now, so we are going to throw the bums out and replace them with people who are exactly the same. That'll show us, er....them.

But I digress. I devolve. I may even .... Where was I?

See the pictures below. Buy a Todd Snider CD. Pictures below. Videos first. Ciao.

We learn from history that we learn nothing from history, out
Ramblin' Ed

Note the genuine smile. I believe in everyone.

I could not catch a picture that showed the beauty and quiet of this place, although I came close to showing the quiet. This is SW Washington State, 25 miles north of Portland up the I-5. Obviously, I had left the Interstate. Fun fact: I-5 from San Francisco and north, does not have very many gas stations. It's like they built a highway but forgot the gas.

I liked this bridge. It made me think of like if I was on one side of the river but needed to get to the other side. And I couldn't fly. Because I was a train. Fun fact: Despite the moniker, "Bullet Trains" cannot fly.

Pumpkin patch in WA. Fun fact: Barb wire does little to impede vegetation creep.

I wanted a picture of this awesome set of bridges back into Oregon. But the traffic was heavy and for over a mile there was no place I could pull over that also had a view of them. So, this is what they looked like from behind the wheel. Fun fact: This is kinda like dash cam, without the criminals and heavy Tru TV (Not reality. Actuality.) vibe.

At 60 mph, I soon found meself upon the bridge. Fun fact: I said "meself" instead of the more contemporary"myself".

Near Pioneer Square in Portland. Fun fact that actually is a fact: We saw these in an Armed Forces TV ad (we didn't get commercials, we got history lessons). A rich busisness man donated these to the city and they are all around downtown. His name was Benson and these are known as Benson Bubblers.

One man Blue Man Group. Fun Fact: He's not blue. It is, however, possible he has the blues. So I rate this claim as half-true. Possibly.


For such a mellow place, there's a whole bunch of rules. Bummer. Fun fact: Judging from this list, it appears that it surprisingly easy to get into a brawl around here. Hey!.... is that a Saints cap, buddy?

This self professed Billionaire slash Musician slash street philosopher is the one who wanted me to quit my job and be the face of his company for $250,000. You know the one who was also bumming smokes off of everybody. He thinks I was taking his picture. Fun fact: I wasn't. And I can give you 3 good reasons.

So, I get use a tanning bed and do my laundry at the same time? Well, it's about time. (Sign in lower right ) Fun fact: Discount Tobacco is sponsoring a wine tasting.

Would your city allow this establishment? Fun fact: Heh heh heh... Hung Farlow.
The following Monday I was far from the Pacific Northwest in Washington, DC. This was my view from the hotel. The Pentagon. Let's just say that the mood was far less mellow here. Fun fact: Local law apparently requires high and tight haircuts and prohibits public displays of smiling.

Fun fact: I am out of captions. But you should biggerize this. It's a good shot of the city and the morning traffic crawl.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you enlarge the pictures of the bridges several interesting things show up. The railroad bridge is a pivoting swing span, automatically operated. It swings so the span is parallel to the channel.
The highway bridge is a lift span. The operator sits in the control house above the span. The whole span between the cables and counter weights raises to allow vessels to pass.

Nice pictures, lots more than 1K words.


6:48 AM  

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