Sunday, October 12, 2008

Photos from Trip

Sitting in Frida's with a Cuban cigar and a Cuban Mojito. I wish the girl taking the photo had gotten more of the painting of Frida on the wall, but all in all, I'd say she captured the essence of the day fairly well.

A view of Guatemala City from the airplane.

Another view of Guatemala City from the airplane.

My two headed shower nozzle. Boy Howdy, did I feel decadent. Never done a double nozzle shower before. Speaking of "Boy Howdy", anybody remember Creem Magazine?

I wouldn't buy a blanket but we talked for the duration of a small cigar. Finally, so it wouldn't have been for nothing, I gave her 5 Quentzals (Q7.48=$1) to snap a picture.

These were my second class of students. This is preparing to run the first flight of bags ever through the machine. Make it bigger and you will see my "classroom" along the back wall.

Practicing what Mr. Ed taught them.

In Florida we don't have statues up on the buildings looking down. This had a serious cool factor for me.

A merchant walking away, down the side of my hotel.

A park. It was pretty peaceful, but was bounded on either side by some very heavy traffic.

McDonalds delivery. What a concept.

Hey, you guys. Yeah, you in the tour van. Pull over here, will ya.

Our tour driver trying (sucessfully...eventually) to talk the police out of confiscating his license. Apparently the van had 2 outstanding tickets.

Ruins in Antigua. The buildings were from either the 1500s or 1700s, I am none too clear on that, but were destroyed by a series of earthquakes.

I liked the flower/weeds growing out of the roof tiles.
The signs are in tile. How cool is that?

I liked the look of this window. I could tell it had seen a lot. I would have liked to hear the stories. But of course, one does not like to impose.

A view down the street. It turns out that cobblestones are cooler to look at than to drive or walk on.

This is a church in Antigua. I think it is still a functioning church.

The square in Antigua.

Where the tourists all hang out.And you can deride tourists all you want. Deride tourists as not really getting a feel for the country. Whatever. All I know is that wherever you find young tourists and backpackers, you find cool hangouts and cheap beer. Word.

Off to the right is where I waqs buying my cigars. I found the wall of rums with the old suitcases along the top to be pretty intriguing. Gotta blow this shot up for a better appreciation.

Home in Florida. I made myself this mega-cheese, hamburger, and peperoni pizza. handmade crust and all. Yes, it is true. I make pizza magic. That's all I'm saying.

Hope you enjoyed the tour, out
Ramblin' Ed


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